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Country : Germany

Band : Agathodaimon

Year : 1998

Genre : Melodic Black Metal

Review by : Damnated on Metal Archives

Agathodaimon is a band that doesn’t get the atention it deserves. Ofcourse, tis can be said about many black metal projects, but Agathodaimon is one of the most underrated ones. They play symphonic black metal, without being cheesy or sounding like an orchestra.Blacken The Angel is the bands first full length album after 3 other releases, and this is their best one. During the recording of the album Vlad Dracul, who were the vocalist at the time, was forced to leave the band due to immigration problems, thus his contribution to the album is only ‘Contemplation Song’ and some lyrics.

The songs are built up almost entirely on guitars and piano interludes, drums being unremarkable. The music is mid tempoed, filled with darkness and emotions. The vocals are really good, they manage to sound not so depressive, thus the music doesn’t have that suicidal feel to it, being more like a ballad. Female vocals are also present, the screams and clean singing making a great duett on the song Near Dark. This song is the highlight of the album, lasting for a massive 15 minutes.

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Tracks :

  1. Tristețea vehemență
  2. Banner of Blasphemy
  3. Near Dark
  4. Ill of an Imaginary Guilt
  5. Die Nacht des Unwesens
  6. Contemplation Song
  7. Sfințit cu rouă suferinții
  8. Stingher / Alone
  9. After Dark
  10. Ribbons / Requiem
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